Our Classroom

Our Classroom

Friday, January 23, 2015

100th Day of School

Happy 100th Day of School

We know how to spell 100 sight words...

100th Day Math

100th Day Collections

Special Surprise:  Ice Cream Sundaes

We had a wonderful day!

Student Spotlight from the first week back from the break...

We sure enjoyed their show and tell!
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


This is an exciting opportunity for our first and second graders! Please note that the deadline is Jan. 23rd, not the 20th. 
Thank you!

 In folders today...

The 100th Day of school is Friday...

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Your child may bring a collection (from last year- poster board with 100 stickers, tshirt with 100 smile faces...) of a 100 of something and/ or they may dress up like 100 years old!

We will work on many different 100th day activities all day. Be sure to look at the blog again over the weekend to see the fun activities!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sharing Opinion Writing

We met with our buddies today. They had a great time reading their writing to each other!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Academic Update

Daily 5/ Guided Reading:

  • reading instructional books
  • reading just right books independently
  • writing friendly letters, journal entries (with correct capitals, ending marks, neatness and spell snap words correct)
  • building words, sorting words by vowel sounds

Written Response During Guided Reading:

  • Writing a retell with sequence words
  • Being a responsible Writer: use correct capitals, ending marks, neatness, spell snap words correct
  • Use a practice page to try to spell words correct

Writer's Workshop:

  • Opinion Writing (determining likes and dislikes)
  • Using a rubric to guide their writing (see below)
  • Mini lesson on the craft/ skills of writing ( writing an introduction, details, conclusion)
  • independent writing time
  • Being a responsible writer

Math/Place Value:

  • count and write teen numbers using tens and ones
  • count groups of tens
  • ten more, ten less
  • compare 2 digit numbers
  • make groups of hundreds ,tens, ones
  • count, read, write numbers to 120
  • greater than, less than and equal to
  • regrouping 

Project Work- Economics: 

  • display knowledge vocabulary words (economics, needs, wants, goods, services, producers, consumers)
  • understand the difference between goods and services
  • understand the importance of saving money

1/14 Early release
1/23 100th Day of School

* Keep working on the Six Flags Reading Log

PRISM- Wonderful Opportunity! I hope your child creates a PRISM project (if your child creates a PRISM project they do not need to complete the homework packet for 2 weeks)

For more information click here .

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