Our Classroom

Our Classroom

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Student Spotlight/ 'Fancy Up' our Writing

Grant is in the Spotlight this week. He would like everyone to wear RED on Wednesday!

During Writer's Workshop the students are revising to 'Fancy Up' their writing. They are re-reading their small moment story, using a checklist to check their writing and revision strips to add or change words. They will celebrate the end of the unit by sharing their stories with the other first grade classrooms.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Guided Reading Books

Starting next week...
Your child will start bringing home an envelope with their current guided reading book. This book will be a "just right" book for them to read. It is a book we read in their small group. We read the book, complete word work activities and reading response journal writing. Parents: please sign the back of the envelope next to the book title. Please be sure to use this book for the nightly reading log and send it back to school the very next day!

front of the envelope

back of the envelope

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Treasure Chest Fun Pass/ Writer's Workshop

Your child may come home telling you that they got a fun pass from the treasure chest!
It is true! They may wear a hat, bring a small stuffed animal or 1 Show & Tell item from home. The other passes are rewards in the classroom.  

Thank you for all the wonderful reading that has happened our first full month of school. Reading to your child is such an important part of first grade. As of mid September the class has read a total of 2,010 minutes!!! 
Yahoo! Way to go First Grade Families!

Tomorrow is October already!!! Please be looking for the new reading log in their binder. We are going to try to go past our September total and set a goal for our October minutes. 

Writer's Workshop Update:
The students have been working so hard on their small moment writing! They have been trying to write like our Mentor text- The Night of the Veggie Monster, written by George McClements. Our motto is  let's write like George and bring our stories to life. 

They are putting stickers by the things that George does really well in his writing. These are things they want to try as a writer!

Here are the things they are trying in their writing: 
  • tell a story across the pages
  • bring our characters to life ( move and talk, think and feel)
  • use quotation marks around speaking words
  • use story teller words
  • use spelling strategies
They are working so hard! I cant wait to share their work with you later this month.

Please look for the scavenger hunt that came home today on orange paper. This weekend may be a great time to work on the scavenger hunt. Please send in an item or a photo from the hunt when you complete the activity!

Don't forget: Emma wants everyone to wear pink or red tomorrow! 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Student Spotlight

Emma is in the spotlight this week! 
She would like everyone to wear pink or red on Thursday! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Buddy Time

We enjoyed getting together with our buddy class last Friday! We talked about Habit # 1.

Thank you to Mia's mom for being Mystery Reader today! The book was so cool! Thank you!

FYI: Spelling Test Thursday!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Reading Mini Lesson/ Setting Goals

Reading Mini Lesson:
Last week the students worked on partner reading and practicing good reading habits. Here are a few things we have been working on so far...

Setting Goals: 
These Fabulous First Graders filled out their learning goal and personal goal sheet for the first quarter. They did an awesome job considering this was the first time they have set goals. It will be very exciting to see their goals evolve throughout the school year. 

Wonderful Resource: 

Here is the link to our Capstone eLibrary which has an awesome collection of over 1800 online, free books for our Concord students. Here is short video explaining how to log in to the website.
Username: concordes
password: school

Don't forget: School Picture Form and Money due by September 30th.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Spelling Words

Please look for the Spelling Words paper in your child's binder. The students will take their test on Friday. Your child may want to do some of the optional activities on the bottom of the spelling paper. These activities do not need to be turned in to Mrs. Boyd. 

Thank you to Lily's mom for being a Mystery Reader today! We LOVED the book and the treat!!