Our Classroom

Our Classroom

Monday, September 22, 2014

Mystery reader/ Reminders

Thank you, Jackson's mom for being a Mystery Reader! We really enjoyed the fall books!

A note about homework...
The students will not have spelling words when there is no school on Mondays or Fridays. If your child chooses a tic tac toe box that requires spelling words, just have them pick words that are not highlighted in the back of their planner. 
When your child is writing for the homework assignment please encourage them to:

  • use pencil
  • use neatness 
  • no mixing (there should not be capital letters and lower case letters mixed in a word unless it is the first letter of a sentence, the word I or the first letter of a name)
  • spelling an unknown word- stretch through the sounds they hear, or go find it (please do not just spell it for them :) - I want to see that they tried their strategies!)
Thank you!

Mark the Calendar: 
9/23 Mystery Reader
9/24 Library and Picture Day/ BE THERE DAY
9/ 25 Wear the green 7 Habits shirt/ Leader in Me Assembly
9/25 No School
10/10 Family Trivia Night at Truman Middle School

Friday, September 19, 2014

Mystery Reader/ Buddies/ Spotlight

We really enjoyed Zoey's dad as our Mystery Reader! Thank you for reading to us!

We also enjoyed visiting with our buddies in Mrs.Gastreich's fourth grade class. The students talked to their buddy and discussed different ways they each "Show the Power to Lead". They made a Venn diagram and had really good conversations about being a leader at school and at home.

Claire was in the Spotlight this week. We really enjoyed her show and tell and creating her "Spotlight" book.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Writers workshop/ minecrafters' reward/ student spotlight

Sharing Time: tell and show your buddies how and where you brought your stories to life (unfreeze characters by making them talk and move)

The Minecrafter's pod voted for a bubble gum afternoon. Here are the students enjoying the gum and suckers while working in math centers. So fun!!!

Kyle was in the spotlight this week. We really enjoyed his show and tell and wearing black on Wednesday (the student in the spotlight will pick a color for all of us to wear on Wednesdays). I wonder what color your child will choose when they are in the spotlight??

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mystery Reader

Thank you, Cooper's mom! We enjoyed having you come read to us today!

Sharing Time during Writer's Workshop is so fun. Their buddy becomes a wonderful writing "tool".

"Shake and Spill"- using counters to create numbers on a ten frame and simple addition number sentences. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Mystery Reader

Thank you to Max's mom for being our first Mystery Reader. We really enjoyed your visit. 

Asking questions about the Mystery Reader... 

We are using transition and sequence words to write about the order of events during Writer's Workshop. The students highlighted the transition or sequence words in their writing today. They love using highlighters:)

The "Minecrafters"pod had the most pod points at the end of August. They voted to have a bubble gum and sucker party.  I will purchase the gum and suckers and we will have our party on Thursday or Friday this week.

Friday, September 5, 2014


We had a great week! 
  • Today is the first CLC (Concord Leadership Council)meeting. CLC will meet twice a month to prepare for our Leader in Me assemblies. Every student will have the opportunity to serve on the council for one month a year. Our leaders this month are Katherine, Hana and Max. We will keep you posted on the leadership opportunities they come up with for the assembly. 
  • We hope to see you at the movie night tonight. 
  • Mark your calendar: Please have your child wear their 7 Habits shirt on Thursday, September 25th for the Leader in Me/ 7 Habits assembly.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Daily Info

Hello Families, 
I just wanted to let you know about our academics this month:

Daily 5 Update: 
The students have done a great job learning the routines for each Daily 5 activity. They are now practicing working quietly and finding the choice that's right for them during Daily 5. The students are reading just right books, working on snap words, reading to a buddy and working on writing. While they are rotating through these activities I am pulling guided reading groups. Mrs. Marting will also come in during this time and pull reading groups as well.  

Writer's Workshop Update: 
The students are learning about Small Moment Writing/ Personal Narrative Writing. During the mini lessons the students will learn how to plan a story, touch and tell across the pages and sketch across the pages. They will learn how to use a rubric to add elements to their stories: 

  • wrote about a small moment
  • tried to make a beginning
  • put pages in order
  • used sequence words
  • found a way to end my story
  • had details in my pictures
  • used labels and speech bubbles
  • spelled snap words correctly

These are elements that they will be learning about and trying throughout the unit. This unit will take until mid October. They love Writer's Workshop!

This is the Chapter book that we are reading after recess each day. There are 7 more books in the Stink series that I will read. Ask your child about STINK!

Math Workshop Update: 
We are working on number sense and addition this month. The main number sense concepts are skip counting, even and odd numbers, counting numbers in and out of order, one more, one less and using tally marks. 

Addition concepts are using part, part and whole to create addition stories and number sentences. The students will work on strategies for solving addition number stories and number sentences. 

They are working in whole group lessons, mini lessons, small group instruction and small group center rotations. The lesson will either be whole group or small group instruction based on what the students know and how they score on a pretest for specific math concepts. 

Working with Tally Marks: 

Projects Update (Science and Social Studies):
We are starting our Social Studies unit called: People Everywhere. We will talk about learning from our family, school and community, being a good citizen, the importance of rules at home, school and community and helping our community. 

  • Be on the lookout for Homework in your child's folder! 
  • Bring library books every Wednesday!
  • Spelling tests will start next week. 
  • Student Spotlight will start next week!