Our School

Our School

Friday, March 10, 2017

Wonderful Week

We enjoyed having Max in the spotlight this week. His grandma and his aunt were Mystery Readers this week. We loved the stories that they read to us! 

We visited our fourth grade buddies yesterday for their Expert Fair. We loved seeing what the fourth graders are doing during Writer's Workshop. Way to go Buddies!!! 

Teeny Tiny Concord Town was a 'hit'! The kiddos worked so hard preparing for this day! They all did such a great job working and budgeting their money while they shopped! 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Teeny Tiny Concord Town/ Spotlight

Hello Families,
By now I hope all of you have read the neon green letter that came home this past Monday regarding our Economics unit. Our class voted for our 2 'businesses' for March 10th. For our goods business we voted to have a Target Store ( the dollar spot at Target) and our service will be a Photo Studio. On March 10th our classroom will be half Target and half Photo Studio. Please remember that you are invited to come to school from 9:30-10:30 on the 10th to shop and visit the town with your kiddo. 

We do need some help to create our businesses. Here are the things we need: 

Dollar store items
bouncey balls
window clings
little notebooks

Plastic Target bags
four play cash registers for our check out areas   ( we will give them back on Friday)

* Anything thing that is small, cheap and comes in bulk. If you buy candy- Peanut free and can't be made in a factory with nuts!!  There are about 100 first graders that will rotate through the stores. They can 'buy' (with pretend money) 1 thing from Target for 20 cents.  Students can pay 20 cents to get their photo taken and they will get a print of their picture the following week. I will provide the play money. 

Thank you in advance for your help!!!!!  Please send in items no later than Thursday!

Natalie was in the spotlight this week! We loved her show and tell items! 

Graphing During STEM Stations

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Academic update

Writer's Workshop
Realistic Fiction
~ During Writer's Workshop we have been working very hard on planning and writing realistic fiction. Here is our plan: 

Each child will need to bring in an empty cereal box by next Wednesday. The students are creating their very own "Boxed Set" book series during writer's workshop. They are writing several realistic fiction books to create a series. They are loving it!

Math Workshop- Stem Stations 
(for the next few weeks)

~ Now that we are wrapping up our place value unit we are starting STEM stations. Our next unit in math is graphing concepts. Graphing will be the focus of the mini lessons before work time. 

~ During work time (STEM stations) the students will explore, ask questions, plan, create, problem solve, synergize, improve, reflect and share. While the students are working I will continue to conference with students about their work in the station and pull students over for small group math instruction- double digit addition with regrouping and graphing concepts. 

Play dough and Toothpicks:

Plastic Cups/ Cards:

Unifix Cubes/ Large Popsicle Sticks:



Social Studies: Teeny Tiny Concord Town:

The flyer below came home yesterday. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mystery reader

Thank you to Natalie's mom and dad for being a Mystery Reader today! The students loved the book!

Molly has been working hard on her word work activities during Daily 5 too!! Way to go, Molly!

Be on the 'lookout' for your child's Opinion Writing coming home this week- they can't wait to show their family all of their hard work!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Our First Grade Writing Celebration (Friday)

Look at all of the snap words she wrote!!! We are so proud of her hard work today during Word Work!! Way to go, Adelyn! 

Our Valentine's Day Party... so much fun!