Our School

Our School

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Buddy Fun on Monday

Our Fourth grade buddies were so excited to share their Salt Maps with us!

Natalie's dad was a Mystery Reader on Tuesday. We loved the story! Thank you for reading to us! 

Thursday, October 13, 2016


We had another Mystery Reader today! Thank you to Caden's grandma! We loved both of the books! 

Next Wednesday will be an early release day and our second visit with our Flyer Family. Here is a sample of the shirts that the kiddos will get. Your child will get their shirt on Wednesday. Please be sure to have your child wear this shirt on every Early Release Day throughout the rest of the school year. 

Some questions to ask your child:
What is your Flyer Family name? 
Who is your Flyer Family Leader?
What kinds of activities do you do with your family? 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Caden S. is in our Spotlight this week! He would like everyone to wear yellow tomorrow! We really enjoyed having his mom as a Mystery Reader today!

Caden's mom was a Mystery Reader today. Thank you! We loved the book Room on the Broom.

We have been working hard over the past week during Writer's Workshop and using a teaching voice. They are creating 'How To' books and trying different craft moves to teach their readers. 

During reading the kiddos have been practicing reading strategies with a reading partner. They have been setting reading goals and trying to help their partner use the strategies to accomplish their goal. 

We finished Chapter 1 in Math on Friday and started Chapter 3 today. Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 are addition strategies. After we complete addition we will move on to subtraction strategies. 

During our Science and Social Studies time we have been working on the theme Where We Live/ Our Earth. Some key terms in this unit are: globe, 7 continents, 5 oceans, land forms, water sources, natural resources...

This is just a sample of what's hanging in the hallway for you when you come to conferences!

Please be sure to look in your child's backpack for this note.

Mark your calendar: 

10/14 Half day- 11:40 dismissal ( no lunch served)
10/ 19 Early Release Day
10/25, 10/26 Parent/ Teacher Conferences
10/31 Fall Festival

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Way to go, First Graders!!

Our class earned an award from the PE teachers!! We are the PE Class of the Month! They worked so hard to be ready for PE each day by wearing appropriate pe shoes, quiet/ respectful squads and having great sportsmanship! They are so proud of this award! I am so very proud of them too! Way to go!

# beawesomeboydsclass

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Izabella was in the Spotlight last week. We really enjoyed her show and tell and wearing the color blue!


Caden is in the Spotlight this week! 

We really enjoyed his show and tell and having his grandma come read as a Mystery Reader today!

Guess Who Has Been Showing Great Habits?? 
Well, your kiddos have been! The class earned 50 class points over the past few weeks. The all voted from the 'Class Points' menu and Device Day had the most votes. Our class will have Device Day on Friday, October 7th. 

Here are the details regarding Bring Your Own Device
Your child may bring in their smart device on Friday. If your child does not have a smart device, I have a device for them. Please remember that your child is responsible for the device they bring to school. Your child will be expected to keep it in their backpack when we are not using it. The classroom door will be locked when we leave the room for safe keeping. The students are looking forward to their first BYOD day!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Writing Celebration

During our 'Reading Mini Lesson' we are working on reading with partners! Here are the reading habits that we use and the expectations for working with partners. 

We had our writing celebration today!
The students worked so hard on their 'small moment' writing and bringing their stories to LIFE! They really enjoyed reading each other's books today! Way to go, first graders! 

Your child will bring home their 'small moment' writing later in October.  I use their writing pieces for the first quarter report card. 

Picture Day is tomorrow. Please be sure to send  picture money and the order form to school tomorrow. 

Help our school reach our 
School Wide Reading Goal!
September Reading Logs are due Friday! 
Parents need to total the monthly minutes and sign the log for Friday. Please make sure your child has read 10 minutes Monday- Friday. They can always read more and on the weekends!!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Maddie was in the spotlight last week. We really enjoyed her show and tell items!!

Max's mom was a Mystery Reader yesterday. We really enjoyed her visit!Thank you for reading to us!

If you are interested in being a Mystery Reader:

Email me if you are interested and give me one or two dates and times that work for you to come in and read to the class. I will get back to about which date and time will work best. After we have the date and time scheduled, please do not tell your child that you are coming! You just need to bring a favorite picture book to read to the class. It only takes about 15 minutes or so. The kids will guess the reader about 5 minutes before you get here. Please check in at the office and they will call down saying that our reader is here. Your child and a friend will come get you from the office.

 Math Centers: 

Number Sense/ Patterns
Addition Practice

Have a good long weekend!