Our Classroom

Our Classroom

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

End of Year Gift

YAY- now they each have at least one Stink book of their own! 

Happy End of First Grade. I am so proud of all of you and I hope you have a wonderful summer! 
                                Mrs. Boyd

Friday, May 20, 2016


Monday- Device Day for our class
Wednesday- Hat day for our class

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fun Day tomorrow

Friday is FUN Day!

We will be outside rotating through fun activities from 12:30- 3:00 pm. The students will need to be dressed appropriately in tennis shoes, shorts and a t -shirt if the forecast calls for hot weather. Don't forget sunscreen. Your child may carry a water bottle, wear a hat and sunglasses too. 

The yearbooks have arrived, however the office requested that all teachers hold on to the yearbooks until Party Day, which is next Tuesday. 

Your child will bring home a few things each day over the next few days. Please check their backpack each night. The plan is NO BACKPACK on Friday the 27th.

We enjoyed being serenaded today by 4th Grade Strings!

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Writer's Workshop: 
They students have really enjoyed writing Poetry the last few weeks. They learned 5 types of poems- Acrostic, Cinquain, Diamante, I Wish..., and List Poem. Poetry writing was a great way to review nouns, verbs and adjectives and using them correctly in their writing.

We will continue learning about Shapes and money. They enjoyed working with a buddy as they counted play money.


After we finished our Weather unit we started Plants. They liked learning about Plants, but really like learning about Animals. This week we started learning How to Classify Animals and next week we will start habitats.  They love looking at pictures of the different animal groupings and drawing and coloring pictures for each group. 

Spelling Tests: 
Since we do not have school tomorrow and Fun Day is next Friday, we will not have any more spelling tests the rest of year. 

Guided Reading Books:
Your child will bring a book home today or possibly one more next week. I will collect all of the books by next Friday. Be sure to return the book in the envelope the very next school day. 

Summer Packet and Resources:
Your child will be bringing home summer resources next week. Please take a look at these and put them in a great place for safe keeping. The blue packet can be a wonderful way to review all the concepts from First Grade and keep a routine during summer break. Having some time during the day for reading and other academics is very important, these resources can help you with that!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

MAP Celebration / Mother's Day

They enjoyed the End of MAP Celebration. 

Happy Mother's Day. We all hope all the moms had a wonderful day! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Science Center

Thank you to all the parents who helped today! We had a great time at the Science Center.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Science Center

Field Trip Reminders:

  • Wear green Ignite, Innovate, Inspire t shirt
  • We will arrive at 9:20am and return to school at 1:30pm
  • Pack a 
    sack lunch with a drink
    ​ ​
    peanut free
  • Chaperons can follow the bus or meet us there at 9:20am (Oakland entrance)
  • First rotation starts promptly at 9:30am
  • All of the students are divided into three groups (A, B, C) and will rotate through three sessions with teachers and chaperons (Coaster Creations Class, Museum Exploration and Lunch)
  • Food, Drink and Souvenirs are not to be purchased at the museum (please do not purchase for your own child or any other children)
  • No siblings please
    ​ -​
     this is time for you to spend with your first grader!!
  • Chaperons are requested to help during the Coaster Creations Class

Yay! Thank you to all the people who brought in books for Ms. Sparrow. We had so many books to give to her for her very own classroom next year! We also enjoyed ice cream and Oreos! Ms. Sparrow's last day is Friday, May 6th. 

Caroline and Evan were in the Spotlight last week. We really enjoyed creating a class book 
about them!